Vester Mølle, forår, sommer, natur, vandring

Spring on Ærø

Photo: Freja Kock Christlieb

Spring on Ærø rimes with Easter Break and weekend get-aways. Visit Ærø when the island wakes up abruptly from winter hibernation and gets ready for summer.

Photo: Daniel Villadsen

Sudden yet calm spring

Spring on Ærø comes very sudden. The island awakens abruptly from its winter hibernation, and with dazzling speed the flowers burst into a true colour symphony.

Each year the rapeseed fields turn large parts of the island into bright yellow and the red dots of poppies can be seen in both small and large assemblies around the fields.

Do remember to stop and enjoy all the colours, scents and whimsical winds; the flowering season is as short and intense as it is beautiful.

Forår, natur, valmuer
Photo: Freja Kock Christlieb
Båd, vand, forår, sommer, efterår, Marstal, Ommel
Photo: Freja Kock Christlieb

The island gets ready

Shops, cafes and restaurants that have been closed during winter now opens for the season, and the first yachts start to arrive in the harbours.

The mood among the islanders is expectant. They are getting ready for a busy summer season with an island full of life.

The birds are chirping and the queues for the ice cream parlors are yet to be seen.

It's spring on Ærø.

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