Summer on Ærø

Photo: Conny Kock

Summer break on Ærø is for all ages. Here you create your own summer memories, and on Ærø there is plenty of room for just that.

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Video: Summer on Ærø

Photo: Kasper Orthmann Andersen

Summer holidays on Ærø create memories to last a lifetime

We’re not sure if it’s the children’s crab races and the long days on the beach that do it. Or perhaps the local summer festivals, the charming pedestrian streets and the summer concerts.

It could also be the sunsets, the peace, quiet and togetherness, or the evening strolls through the Ærø countryside.

What we do know is that summer holidays on Ærø create memories that last a lifetime and cry out to be repeated.

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Photo: Ane Katrine Vig
Photo: Maria Olander

Feels like southern skies

The beaches ring with laughter and joy and the water can sometimes look as emerald green as on a postcard from Hawaii.

The atmosphere is relaxed and even with the large number of summer guests, you can always find a quiet spot to lay back and relax.

Vester Mølle i Søby
Photo: Bjørg Dalheim

Summer adventures on Ærø

Badehuse på Eriks Hale i Marstal

Sights & to do's

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More summer on Ærø

Den Gamle Købmandsgaard

Places to eat

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